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Uniiku is an unforgeable certificate that saves the story of your work

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Protect your intellectual property from theft

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A solid guarantee that minimizes the risk of fraud

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A physical tag, extremely hard to fake but easy to audit.

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The process, photos, the technical sheet… It highlights the originality of the work and connects with the emotional side of the customer.


What you publish is impossible to tamper with. A blockchain protects your catalog forever

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It’s an archive and a notary. In case of dispute, timestamped records are a powerful proof.

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Artists using Uniiku

Ausencias #2/5

Jorge Rabadán
Printed digital photography

Breakfast in America

Óscar Garcés Olozagarre
Oil, 80x100cm


Marta Sánchez Marco
Fotografía intervenida con pan de oro, 15x21x6 cm

Querer parar el tiempo

Nunurix (Nuria García Arias)
Impresión digital de alta calidad sobre aluminio dibond


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