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Amplify and protect the value of your artist brand

Grow your brand


The story of the piece adds value and builds up your brand. Let it go viral!


Shield your work against IP abuse and fraud.


Make your signature trusted among collectors.

Add value to your art

Tell the story

Technical data, how the piece was created or where it has been…

Good stories sell.

Unforgeable certificate

The sticker is imposible to copy; the data is non-tamperable. It´s so secure it can serve as legal proof.

Building your catalog

Your own catalog, forever. Owned and signed by you.

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Collectors fear fakes. Prove authenticity and provenance. Shield the number of copies to make your work truly scarce.

A stronger signature

Your signature represents more than just your name – it’s a symbol of trust and authenticity. Uniiku helps you strengthen your artist brand.
Limit the number of copies in a series to protect both you and your buyers.
Every piece you create has a story to tell. Uniiku secure certificates preserve the history of your work forever, adding value and meaning to each piece.
In the event of legal disputes or copyright claims, uniiku protects your intellectual property. Timestamped data can serve as proof of ownership and protect your rights as an artist.

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These uniiku are from some friends

Ausencias #2/5

Jorge Rabadán
Printed digital photography

Breakfast in America

Óscar Garcés Olozagarre
Oil, 80x100cm


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